Blackjack Card Counting Data Viewers

Four Blackjack card counting data and chart viewers can be reached from this page. The first two use data generated by the CVCX Blackjack simulator. Some of the data is not visible to non-CVCX users. But, important info like SCORE is available to anyone for free. The BJ Data Repository viewers use data generated by CVSim. This is far more detailed. Eventually I will regenerate the data with CVData as it generates far more data. But, it takes awhile to generate 68,000 charts and tables:) The BJ Data Repository data and charts are free for anyone. You can find background information on the strategies at Card Counting Strategies.

CVCX Online Data Viewer

150,000 2,000,000,000 round sims with different combinations of decks, rules and strategies reside on the CVCX Online server. The viewer can be used to look at the sim results. For each sim, you can change the spread, risk and other variables and results along with the optimal betting ramp for your settings will be instantly displayed. Full CVCX functionality (reports, charts, simulation, custom bets, etc) cannot be made available due to Web limitations. But, I believe the data most commonly used is available. Click Launch to invoke the viewer. For more info on CVCX, see CVCX Pages.

CVCX Online Chart Viewer

21,000 graphs with different combinations of decks, rules and strategies also reside on the CVCX Online server. You can change the strategy, decks, rules and spread and charts can be displayed of SCORE, Advantage and N0 for all reasable penetrations assuming optimal betting at a risk of ruin of 13.5%. About 4,000,000 data points have been plotted. This is a tiny fraction of all possible siuations; but should provide a good view of the effect of various variables on performance. Click Launch to invoke the viewer. Sorry, this function is only available to CVCX users.

CVData Online Index Chart Viewer

A slew of charts designed to display advantage by count for card counting index plays is presented here.

Blackjack Data Repository

Blackjack Data Repository is a collection of Blackjack statistics and probabilities culled from simulations and arranged in tables. 37,856 pages of Blackjack tables are viewable including about 15,500,000 Blackjack statistics from 320,000,000,000 rounds of play.

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