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Select an index below to display a chart. For example, if you select the Hard Hit/Stand Index for 16 v 8, then a chart will be displayed for the player 16 versus dealer 8 decision. The red line will show your advantage at each count assuming that you stand. The green line will show the advantages if you hit. The intersection of the two lines is the index. You hit at all counts below the intersection. Currently only HiLo six deck indexes are provided assuming S17 (stand on soft-17,) DAS (double after split) or not and LS (Late surrender.) Note: Some indexes depend on other indexes. That is, an index can change depending on whether or not you use other indexes.



All indexes were generated with flooring and half-deck remaining cards estimation. Note: Only the data points in the middle of the vertical lines are accurate. The lines between these points are interpolated.



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