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Required Bankroll Given Goal and Time Constraint

How much do you need to avoid bankruptcy? This is the formula on page 137 solved for bankroll. Here, you enter the number of hands you will play on a trip, your goal and the desired probability of reaching that goal. The required bankroll is calculated.
  End Result in Units/Goal
  Std. Dev. per 100 hands
  Win rate per 100 hands
  Probability of reaching Goal
 Hands Played


  • End Result/Goal in units: This is the number of units that you wish to finish with including the bankroll that you started with.
  • Bankroll in units: The number of units that you start with.
  • Win rate per 100 hands: The units that you win over 100 hands. You can get this from the CVCX Online Main Viewer.
  • Std. Dev. per 100 hands: You can get this from the CVCX Online Main Viewer.
  • Hands: Total number of hands played. Does not include skipped hands.
  • Probability of reaching goal: The percentage of times that you will reach the specified goal at any time under the requested conditions.


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