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Risk of Ruin Given a Goal and Time Constraint (Double-Barrier)

This is called a double barrier formula and is found on Blackjack Attack page 137. We are calculating the risk of bankruptcy before hitting a goal or playing a number of hands. Here, you set a point at which you will stop playing. The risk is lower than the calculator with no goal since you will stop playing if you hit one of two quit points: Time or Goal.
  End Result in Units/Goal
  Bankroll in Units
  Win rate per 100 hands
  Std. Dev. per 100 hands
  Hands Played


  • End Result/Goal in units: This is the number of units that you wish to finish with including the bankroll that you started with.
  • Bankroll in units: The number of units that you start with.
  • Win rate per 100 hands: The units that you win over 100 hands. You can get this from the CVCX Online Main Viewer.
  • Std. Dev. per 100 hands: You can get this from the CVCX Online Main Viewer.
  • Hands: Total number of hands played. Does not include skipped hands.
  • Probability of reaching goal: The percentage of times that you will reach the specified goal at any time under the requested conditions.


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